A Neighborhood within a Neighborhood
The area commonly referred to as Goodyear Heights is one of Akron’s larger neighborhoods. In the 19th Century, it was actually part of Tallmadge—in fact, a memorial commemorating the founding of that neighboring city can actually be found in Goodyear Heights.

Goodyear Heights was developed and built-out during the 20th Century. Though some old farmsteads existed throughout the area in the 1800’s, it was sparsely populated until Frank Seiberling bought several hundred acres of land and set out to build the original Goodyear Heights Allotment for his workers.

Built in two phases beginning in 1912, this original neighborhood designed by Warren Manning comprises the Goodyear Heights Historic District. The vast majority of houses in this district were built by Goodyear, though some were built by employees using their own plans that had been pre-approved by the company. In addition, a small number of Cape Cods and modest ranch-style homes were constructed on a few remaining lots after WWII.

Greater Goodyear Heights
As they were developed by other local builders and investors, surrounding allotments in the area also became known collectively as Goodyear Heights. These included allotments such as:

Blue Pond
Newton Heights
Preston Heights
Hazelwood Heights
Tallmadge Meadows
Tallmadge Rd. Allotment

These sections of Goodyear Heights include a wide array of traditional American house types, from charming Cape Cods and Bungalows to Mid-Century Ranches and Colonials. While they may not be within the historic district, they have a historic character of their own and paint a vivid picture of Akron’s continued growth right after WWII.


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