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Want to get some exercise and learn about Goodyear Heights? We’ll be leading walks around historic Goodyear Heights on Saturday, May 5th, as part of the Jane’s Walk Program, founded to honor legendary urbanist Jane Jacobs.  We are featuring two walks, one at 10:am and another at 1:00pm; there are two routes to choose from: one is slightly flatter, wheelchair accessible and easier for older adults; the other travels uphill and is slightly more challenging. Both walks will discuss the history of the neighborhood, how it was designed, the various house styles and stories about the neighborhood.

Walks will start at Malasia Park, at the corner of Malasia Rd. and Emerson St., and will take approximately an hour. Refreshments will be served at the Gazebo Park after each of the walks and will be provided by R.I.G.H.T. Dogs are permitted on both routes.

If you want to have breakfast before the 10am walk, we highly recommend Julian’s on Pioneer!