One of the most exciting things to happen on the East side of town is the ongoing development of the former Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company headquarters, now known as The East End.

Many years ago, when Goodyear Heights was first established, the area at the intersection of Goodyear Boulevard and East Market St. was truly a commercial anchor--not only for for the neighborhood--but for all of East Akron, in terms of work, recreation, shopping and daily business. In an era when most people did not own automobiles, the area around the factory was considered within walking distance—indeed, most employees in The Heights walked to work. The old Goodyear buildings featured a company school, multiple recreation facilities, a theater, a bank and many retail shops. This was reinforced by a substantial surrounding commercial district that once included additional stores, hotels, restaurants and other businesses. Over the last 50 years, most of these had disappeared.

But that is changing. Currently, The East End has been redeveloped to include over 100 loft-style apartments that are 95% rented, and a new Hilton Garden Inn provides convenient accommodations for area visitors. The streetscape on Market has been totally redesigned, and thousands of square feet have been set aside for street-level retail and restaurants. Two theaters have been renovated in the former Goodyear Hall, and they have already received great reviews as music venues for rock, country and other popular artists. In addition, major employers like Summacare are already moving hundreds of workers into the former Goodyear HQ across the street, where millions of square feet of former office and factory space is being beautifully converted and marketed for new uses.

Located at the foot of Goodyear Boulevard, The East End is conveniently positioned to become a highly complimentary anchor for retail, recreational and employment options for Goodyear Heights residents.
This is good news for Goodyear Heights, since new businesses and companies moving into The East End will provide great employment opportunities close by. In addition, the new retail, restaurant and recreation options that will be available here will attract people both from the neighborhood and to the neighborhood. With adjacent amenities like the Goodyear Branch Library and other planned improvements, the East End and the campus-like area between Market Street and Blue Pond may once again serve as a major activity anchor for Goodyear Heights.


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