One of our primary efforts is to get the original portion of Goodyear Heights listed in The National Register of Historic Places. This would not only provide the neighborhood with the recognition it deserves, but it would be an important step in securing its future and preserving its historic character.

The Facts
Understand that a Goodyear Heights listing designation in the National Register does NOT require you as a homeowner to do anything different than you are currently doing. There are no costs involved for a listing or incurred by property owners within a district.

A National Register Listing sets no restrictions or requirements on homeowners regarding improvements, upgrades, repairs or other issues relating to their property. It is a simple designation, based on a set of historic standards that must be met by individual historic properties and/or districts.


One of the most helpful things you can do to support our efforts is to add your name to a petition that will be presented to the City of Akron. This petition will request the City’s support in designating the original Goodyear Heights allotment as a historic area and securing appropriate marking and signage to identify it. CLICK HERE TO SIGN AN ONLINE PETITION.


Making a Difference
Designation can offer a neighborhood some level of prestige, and may help preserve or even increase property values in the long term, but that may depend on how well property owners within the district maintain the historic character of their homes and the neighborhood. This can be achieved through education programs and incentives designed to encourage such activity.

It is also important to understand that the designation of a National Register Historic District within the boundaries of what we call Goodyear Heights can be a benefit to all property owners in the neighborhood, whether they live within the designated district or not. In one sense, most all of Goodyear Heights is representative of one historic period or another, and if property values can be strengthened and increased in one area, it will likely benefit adjacent areas of the neighborhood as well.

We are working with the city to eventually develop signage to identify the historic areas of Goodyear Heights, and have begun the process of collecting information, organizing research and documenting the neighborhood’s history in order to prepare a National Register of Historic Places application. If you wish to help with these efforts, or have questions or comments, please contact us via email:


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