There are lots of choices when it comes to making your home in Goodyear Heights, and the best news of all is that they are all affordable. Within the Historic District, you can find a wide range of historical styles—English Cottages, Colonials, Craftsman Bungalows, Dutch Colonials, Tudor Revivals and many others—many with their original features and all built to last. You’ll find that many of these original houses offer desirable features like oak woodwork, built-ins, hardwood floors and staircases, spacious porches and other amenities. You’ll find two, three and even four bedroom plans; some have been updated and many are just waiting for creative inspiration.

Surrounding areas of Goodyear Heights feature similar types of popular home styles built from before 1920 to right before WWII. Affordable, familiar and well-built, they are great choices for either restoration or rehab to fit a modern taste. After the Second World War, the Heights saw another housing boom as G.I.s returned home, and these outer areas saw the addition of quaint Cape Cod houses and modest ranch-style houses during the 1940’s and 50’s. No matter where you look in Goodyear Heights, you’ll be able to find something that fits your taste—whether you want to faithfully restore a 1916 English Cottage or make your mark in a Mid-Century Modern Ranch!

Many of the houses you’ll find are perfect for families just starting out; who have outgrown an apartment and need more room. They are great for empty nesters who need less space but who aren’t ready for an attached condo or retirement village. They are also a great option for craftsmen, artists or creators who need some extra space for a studio or workshop.

Apartment dwellers and renters have choices too--though there are not as many rentals available here as in some other parts of the city, some affordable units can be found in both the Historic District and the adjoining areas of Goodyear Heights. These include both multi-unit apartment buildings and single/2-unit homes and multi use commercial buildings.
Whatever your vision, there is also help available when it comes to making repairs or upgrades. Repair and Rehab Guides and assistance is available, from books and sourcing to construction advice on how to make appropriate and sympathetic repairs or additions to your home that will not only preserve the neighborhood’s historic character but also enhance and preserve your home’s value, too. Soon, additional guidance and even funding assistance for historic repairs will be available through the neighborhood Community Development Corporation (CDC). For more details, visit the CDC page HERE.

When it comes to repairing, rehabbing or restoring your historic home, assistance and advice is available.


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