Today, Goodyear Heights remains much the same as it has always been: a comfortable, relaxed, middle-class neighborhood where families remain and return to for many generations. While three shifts of Goodyear employees no longer roam its streets, Goodyear Heights still provides a solid and attractive home—for families young and old, industrial and retail workers, office workers, managers and business owners, educators and creatives. The high rate of owner-occupied housing and other economic factors are indicative of this.

Traditionally, Goodyear Heights has always been one of Akron’s most stable and amenable neighborhoods, where all people are welcome. For over 100 years, the residents of Goodyear Heights would generally consider that they had it pretty good; they seldom complained about issues, or sought to be identified as trendy, chic or popular.

Today, as the City of Akron faces new challenges, Goodyear Heights residents have come to understand that taking action to preserve the historic character of their neighborhood is critical to its future.  Community based organizations like The R.I.G.H.T. Committee (Resident Improving Goodyear Heights Together) are working to make needed improvements throughout the neighborhood and develop plans to enhance its quality of life and economic activity. New programs are being established, new partnerships sought, and a CDC (Community Development Corporation) is in the works to help support these activities.

In addition, long term strategies are being developed that will take advantage of the neighborhood's historic significance and superior design, its walkable, human-scale and its quality housing stock to place it among Akron's most desirable neighborhoods. Even now, entrepreneurs and creators are re-evaluating Goodyear Heights as a quality location where affordable and attractive housing, historic nature and overall stability can provide a foundation for great city living.


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