Many years ago, residents of Goodyear Heights could smell rubber in the air. No one cared too much, since it was the smell of good jobs and good money.

Today, the scent of rubber is no longer found, and the prevailing winds only carry the scent of clean air and a fresh outlook for the neighborhood, where diversity is welcome and people still care about their community. In addition to great parks and recreational amenities, Goodyear Heights offers all new and remodeled school buildings (CLCs – or Community Learning Centers) youth sports leagues, churches of many denominations and annual activities—like community parades, Easter egg hunts, Fall Trick-or-Treat events, and Mother’s Day plant sales that benefit the RI.G.H.T. Committee.

Goodyear Heights is an easy-going, comfortable place to live—with a refreshing lack of pretense and where solid, middle-class values continue to prevail. It still offers a relaxing, small-town atmosphere in a convenient city location that’s just minutes from downtown.

Despite the fact that Goodyear Heights is quietly set off on the hills above East Akron, it’s still conveniently accessed via major streets and highways. At the neighborhood’s southern end, I-76 makes it easy to get almost anywhere without intruding on the peaceful nature of the area. Major thoroughfares like Brittain Road and Eastland Avenue offer easy access to spots like Chapel Hill or Tallmadge, while Darrow/Canton Rd. leads south to other great neighborhoods like Ellet. Goodyear Boulevard, which serves as the neighborhood’s major backbone—leads gently down through The Heights to the campus-like area around Blue Pond and the local anchor development known as The East End—formerly the home of Goodyear Tire & Rubber. Goodyear’s easy to get. And easy to get to.

The Goodyear Branch of the Akron-Summit County Public Library was recently restored and expanded.


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