The job of protecting, preserving and enhancing Goodyear Heights is one that will require a long term effort on the part of residents, supporters and community leaders who are determined to make it happen. There is much work to be done. While The Heights remains one of Akron’s more stable and attractive neighborhoods, it must be recognized that many of the houses--especially within the proposed historic district--are 100 years old, or very close to it. Meaningful action must be taken soon to care for and revitalize the aging housing stock, restore some of the original historic features, and integrate new ideas that will make it a desirable location to live.

To this end, community leaders, guided and assisted by the R.I.G.H.T. Committee, are investigating the possibility of establishing a separate CDC (Community Development Corporation) that will be able to attract and manage financing, oversee projects, support investment and direct long-term development that will strengthen the neighborhood and boost its economic vitality.

The short and long term goals include:

1) Work with the city to develop signage that clearly identifies the historic district within Goodyear Heights. This includes developing a unified theme and character that will help brand and market Goodyear Heights as a desirable place to live.

2) Educate residents about the history of Goodyear Heights and how they can preserve the neighborhood’s historic character while increasing the long term value of their homes. This includes encouraging appropriate repair and restoration of housing and commercial structures that will visually enhance the neighborhood.

3) Encourage appropriate development that will serve the needs of the neighborhood and attract investment that will provide more housing, commercial, employment and recreational opportunities.

4) Developing a Certified Heritage Home Program that recognizes homeowners who do an exemplary job in repairing, preserving and restoring their homes and maintaining the historic character of the neighborhood.

5) Analyzing and developing a plan to restore and re-utilize the small parks found throughout the neighborhood, so they may serve the needs of today while preserving the beauty of their original designs.

6) Utilize modern strategies that encourage sustainable and walkable neighborhoods, taking advantage of the original design and planning concepts that Goodyear Heights was founded upon.

7) Integrating our overall long-term plans with ongoing efforts by the city and other neighborhood groups in an effort to create a cohesive and effective blueprint for improvements in housing, transportation and economic development.

For more information, read our Goodyear Heights Action Plan.


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