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Under the direction of local artist Mac Love, Goodyear Heights residents came to Reservoir Park on April 7th and 8th to decorate some murals that will be installed in the park when the weather breaks. It was chilly—just in the upper 30s—but organizers were able to move some of the work inside to accommodate the cold temperatures.

The project was directed by Love and @PLAYAkron, a Knight Cities project that is working to create interactive art projects in every Akron neighborhood.

If you notice a lot of water in the painted works—it’s no accident. Organizers developed the theme of “Akron’s Water” for Reservoir Park because it plays such an important and historic role in the city’s development. After many years of pulling water out of Manning’s Pond, Summit Lake and old wells on Sherbondy Hill, the city fathers—led by the head of the Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor and the Engineering Department, decided to build a brand-new water system in 1912. The new city reservoir would be built at the top of Goodyear Heights, with the water pumped in from the Upper Cuyahoga River watershed. The main plant was built in Kent at Lake Rockwell, and the lined passed southwest, through Tallmadge and then through the heart of Goodyear Heights.

One of Akron's new City Water Mains being installed in Goodyear Heights.
Thanks to the work of our kids and adults, all of Akron gets to share this story as we enhance the look of Reservoir Park through these colorful and exciting murals. Additional painting work will be done by local artists as the weather improves. Thanks to all who came to help!


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