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Here in Ohio, everyone knows the “snowbird” phenomenon – seniors who move to sunny southern climes in their later years. But a recent AARP survey shows that a vast majority of older Americans—more than 70 percent of those over 50, according to the survey—plan to “age in place,” or stay in their homes or communities. 

A recent article on the CityLab website details the survey and noted that the desire to stay put persists across urban, suburban, and rural residents—even in Snow Belt cities and among those who have the financial resources to buy that condo in Boca Raton or Scottsdale.

The survey showed that 7 out of 10 urbanites still want to live in their city after the age of 80. For Baby Boomers, the share was higher, at 8 out of 10.

Among some of the things that seniors look for is good access to health care and an environment where they have an opportunity to remain active and keep in touch with friends.

These are important things to keep in mind as we consider the future of Goodyear Heights. For one thing, we know that many of our residents have lived in the neighborhood for many years—even over multiple generations. Some older residents enjoy the modest upkeep requirements of their home, the familiarity of the area, and the quiet, relaxed nature of The Heights.

We want to ensure that The Heights remains a great neighborhood for all residents, young and old—with amenities that everyone can enjoy. Preserving its character and building a clean, safe and walkable neighborhood will go a long way towards meeting that goal.


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