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When Goodyear Heights was first being developed, it was inevitable that the vacant lots where houses were yet to be built could soon be overgrown with tall grasses and weeds. This was especially the case since the whole allotment had once been farmland.

While push-reel mowers were not new at the time, not everyone had one—and they were only of practical use if one had a yard planted with well-tended grass. For more troublesome spots, the vacant lot next door, or other areas where a mower could not be used, something more substantial was called for. In this case, it was the Community Scythe.

Shortly after workers and their families began moving into the first phase of the neighborhood, the Goodyear Heights Improvement Association voted to purchase a scythe that would be loaned out to residents for a modest fee. If the tool was returned in good order after a reasonable amount of time, the fee would then be refunded to the user.

Today, just about every household owns their own personal weedeater—but this old time solution seems pretty reasonable and entirely neighborly. Pretty cost-effective, too.

(The accompanying article is from the Wingfoot Clan)


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